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15 Jun 2009

Oh..Don't Do This Now!

Dhoni effigy burnt in Ranchi after T20 loss

Should Dhoni Quit As Captain? (C'mon IBN...don't add fuel to the fire!)

Let's not be fairweather fans people! Our team needs us to support them. They will bounce back..


straight point said...

media were just waiting for this megha...after that 'alleged rebuff'...they will have field day...just wait for team india to land here...

Megha said...


The concept of "constructive criticism" is totally lost on these guys, isnt it?

Anusha said...

Why would not Dhoni come under pressure..Indian media is the bane of our country..

Megha said...

For sure is amazing, their ability to make mountains out of molehills...

Tifosi Guy said...

This was just what I had feared. The Indian fan is the modern ' Jekyll and Hyde'.

It would just get worse, when the blokes reach the Indian shores.

What's the BIG mistake they did ? I wish some of those fans would have heard what Boris Becker said way back in 1987 after losing in the second round at Wimbledon.

He was the favourite having won the 1985/86 mens's singles title.

The media room was all quiet when the entered - then came a classic quote - ' no one died today, I JUST lost a match'.

That quote came from him when he was 19 !

Megha said...

Absolutely TG. This is life. Shit happens..Dhoni has been a man about it and admitted that he made mistakes. He has acknowledged that his batting needs some work. And the next T20 WC isn't that far either, for some bizarre reason..

I hope the Indian team flies straight to WI from here and avoid the press for a while.

That was a swell quote btw :)

Anonymous said...

who knows the bounce back might even start today. the pride is hurt and the motivation is just about there.

Megha said...


would most definitely love to see India come out tops today, inspite of my support to SA...looking forward to the contest!