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4 Jun 2009

Adios Symonds?

Another "alcohol related incident" and Symonds is on his way back to Australia. With him not being selected for the Ashes as it is and now his contract being off the table, is it the last we have seen of him?

As per cricinfo, he is keen to tell his side of the story. That is something I am eagerly waiting for. His attitude problems aside, I suppose Australia has been left poorer without him in the side for his sheer talent.

It is a pity that he refuses to learn from his mistakes. Although, in all honesty, it is difficult for me to feel sad for him!


Tifosi Guy said...

Yep, barring the god of all miracles, it's definitely Adios Symonds from the international arena.

While all and sundry would squarely lie the blame on him ( to an extent it's fair),but CA also needs to share some of the blame. For such a professionally run organisation, their handling of Symonds has been abysmal.

It's a pity because on the field - he offers so much to Aus. Well I guess unless he's booted out he wouldn't realise the meaning of playing for Aus.

Damn and he was the potential game breaker to get Aus to the T20 WC final !

Homer said...

serves Symonds right for being a prize idiot.

Didnt he know that, in the Aussie dressing room, you are expected to choke Michael Clarke after you get drunk. Doing that would have gotten him a reprimand.

Instead, he chose to do nothing and is now on his way back Down Under.



Anusha said...

Yeah, drinks come with straws..Looks like his last drink proved to be the final straw!!

I used to like this guy until, well you know what..

Sometimes, our personality overshadows our talents..I don't think Symo cares enough about cricket now..He might miss it for a while but he won't be regretting it..he is the Salman Khan of cricket!

Megha said...


Saw your comment at Leela' do u think not bringing him back so early each time he did something would have helped?

Waste of talent indeed!

Megha said...

Clarke was behind sending Roy back? Did something happen between those two? Or am I missing something here :)

Please elaborate Homer....

Megha said...

lol Anusha...

You are right...Personality is not such a big factor in individual sports...probably why it was OK for John McEnroe to throw tantrums left, right and centre...cliched as it may sound, you gotta think of the team first and how u are affecting it with silly actions like these...

aksar doobte ko tinke ka sahara hota hai par yahan to tinke ne dooba diya!

Anonymous said...


Katich choked Clarke after getting sozzled and got away witha reprimand.

Wish Symonds had done the same - same crime, similar punishment, no?


Q said...

I don't think this time we are going to hear a "Im sorry I made a mistake" speech from Symonds.. I hear a lashing coming out.. CA beware.

Megha said...


Don't give him ideas...he might fake a comeback to do just that. According to Fake IPL Player, Clarke is responsible for sending Symonds back...if u believe FIP i.e. ;-)

Megha said...


That would defo be more fun...

Aane De!

always said...

Its a real shocker for Australian cricket.. symmos had an aura unparalleled by any other player... This will be advantageous for India.. But i think u will agree with me... we have lost one of the best natural cricket talents..

Megha said...


welcome :)

Yes there is no doubting Symonds talent. His loss is a big shock for Australian cricket. But Anusha put it fantastically when she said that personalities overshadow talent at times. And Symonds must take blame for bringing it upon himself.

Tifosi Guy said...

The reason CA has to take more than their fair share of flak is simple. In 2005, he had the bender incident before the game against Bangladesh.

At that stage, CA should have suspended him from the Aus team for while - say 6 months. Instead they gave him a two match ban. Seeing how the guy has turned out - what you reckon would have gone in his head ' hell I come drunk before a match and all I miss is two games'

If he had been rapped much harder than - perhaps it wouldn't have spun out this way !

Megha said...


That's a good point...guess even the CA is no better than PCB in handling troublesome players!