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11 Jun 2009

2 Simple Rules maximise your fantasy team's score.

1. Check which players Megha has selected for her team. Don't pick them.
2. If possible, check with Megha which players she chose initally, but changed her mind at the last moment. Definitely pick those.

As they say, Apna to bad luck hi kharab hai! :(


achettup said...

You too huh? Stupid Fantasy cricket. There was a time when every person I picked as my trump ended up being a duck, so I dropped them and they got a century next. :)

Megha said...

For the next series we should totally exchange notes A :)

Q said...

Which league u playing Megha?

I've got mine in 4-5 games and its driving me crazy.. all muddled up mind now!

Megha said...


I'm just playing the cricinfo one...the moment I drop a player from my team, he starts playing awesome...I've got Tanvir and Butt from Pak for today, so if u think any one of them is crucial to today's match then lemme know in the next hour and I'll replace them ;-)

Q said...


Drop Butt. Quick!

Word is he won't be playing today. Even if he does, he hardly does well in T20.

Megha said...

Oops...saw your message a little too late! Your effort to improve my team score is much appreciated though :)

Q said...

Damn Megha, I wish i could have told u earlier. Butt is no good!

Megha said...

Hey np Q :) there is always another match...At least i got some points when Mathews took his wicket!