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12 Jun 2009


Oh, this is depressing!

India have themselves to blame for this. Aweful batting effort. Just aweful! Dhoni's gem(!) of an innings has already been called. But for some late gutsy hitting by YP, Yuvi and, well, Bhajji, the scorecard would have been a bigger eyesore.

One did get the feeling that 150 would be a competitive score. And when Simmons' wicket fell, I still thought we had a great chance of winning. But Bravo and Chanderpaul took it away in style! Credit where it is due, I would have enjoyed their batting if they weren't playing against India. The main problem areas for India remain bowling at death and fielding. If a couple of easy run out chances would not have been missed, WI could have been pushed a little bit more.

Anyhoo, it's Mission England next. Perhaps they will just fall apart and save us some trouble? They have played their part in this competition by qualifying for the Super8's. Don't they need some extra practice for the Ashes or something?

P.S. Was Chanderpaul's stance, when on strike, a little wierd or have I just not seen him bat for a while?


Naked Cricket said...

that's a squat not a stance

Q said...

Chanders has always been like that. NC calls it right. A squat! Have no idea how he scores with one like that.

U heard Gibbs' favorite stroke - "cover drive through midwicket" .. had quite a laugh when I heard that intro..

I reckon u can actually play that shot with Chanderpaul's stance!

Niki said...

since i didn't watch the match i'll write only what i can do...

:'( :'( :'(
sob sob whaaaaaaa!!!!
that should cover it!

Christopher Poshin David said...

i too wonder how Shiv bats like that.....i've tried it while playing gully cricket and have been out fast......I never do have the guts to try it in school in front of the coach...

And wat is wrong with MSD????

Megha said...


Thanks for the correction :)

"a cover drive thru midwicket"...nope, can't picture it with that squat :D

Megha said...


Calm down woman! Things will get better...we play England next :)

Megha said...


I was thinking the same thing...

MSD...I donno :( A simplistic suggestion could be the need to re-discover the knack of taking singles...perhaps dropping himself further down the order, after Yusuf? He is becoming a real momentum killer...kinda like Dravid in tests

One thing I do know is that something has to be done about our bowling in the death's really going to cost us against Eng and SA...