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26 Jun 2009

Fake ODI Series Begins

Yessir...India is playing WI in a 4-match series...just 4...seems a bit pointless to me. Perhaps a couple of Tests would have provided this tour a little legitimacy. Too much to ask? OK..maybe just one more ODI? At least make it a best of 5 series? No luck there either.


The purpose of this tour is perhaps same as that of a student going to attend extra classes in school just to get his attendance level upto the required mark.

Which is why I call it The Fake ODI Series.

Another thing to note is that the series has started on the 26th of June. Which means that if India had managed to reach the finals of the T20 WC, they would have had just 4 days to reach Jamaica, shake off the jet lag (ok, it's a bit easier to that when you are travelling westwards, but still!) and get used to the conditions before playing the first match. Well planned guys! Or did an astrologer tell you in advance that India will crash out before the finals?

So anyway, Dhoni says that this series is a chance to erase memories of 2007.! The only way to erase that memory *shudder* is to win the WC in 2011! So don't gimme this little trophy as a consolation prize, okay?

Win this series, and I will tell all and sundry what a great team you are and how I just knew you would bounce back. Lose it, and I'll go "Meh! Don't really care about it anyways...."

Just play these 4 games and go back home and take a break guys!


Anonymous said...

Be it fake or real. this is a india series and we gotta follow it and blog it :)

yuvraj on fire.

Krish said...

A silly tour, in my opinion. Why not have a full-fledged tour with Tests and all. And with many important team members missing and so soon after the World Twenty20, it is hard to take it seriously.

Anusha said...


yeah chupchap kaam karo aur ghar jao..bekar ki baaton mein time nahi waste karte..

Megha said...

yes superunknown..ignoring it is not possible...taking it lightly is :)


right...i will not be bothering myself too much with the result


sahi jawab!

namya said...

Waste of 3 hours of sleep.. God I have become a cricket junkie :)

straight point said...

fake series with fake bowlers...

Megha said...


sleep or cricket? that has always been a tough call :)


so true...fake umpires as well?

Anonymous said...

krish, this tour is in response to the WI tour prior to WC 2007. 4 match series then, 4 match series now. No tests then, no tests now. before world cup then, after world cup now.