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14 Jun 2009

India Out Of The Tournament

Perhaps deservingly.

India lost this match on all counts IMO...bowling, fielding and batting.

First up, bowling. A team at 100/3 at the end of 15 overs should not have been allowed to get to 153 in the first place. Let's see who gave how many runs in the last 5 overs -

16th over -Ishant - 13 runs
17th over - Jadeja - 8 runs
18th over - Bhajji - 10 runs including 5 wides
19th over - Zak - 12 runs
20th over - Bhajji - 10 runs including 5 wides again!

I had a very bad feeling about those free runs given away as wides, as I am sure did a lot of other people. It helped England cross the psychological 150 run mark and ultimately proved decisive in the narrow margin of victory they got.

Fielding now. Was it just me or did England seem to score 1s and 2s with a lot of ease? Again, there seemed no urgency in India's fielding. It looked like they were just going through the motions.

The batting. Oh, the batting. Perhaps there was a grand plan in sending Jadeja in at 4. That did not work out all that well. He was looking so lost out there. His mom should give him with lots of milk and almonds to build up his strength 'coz his shots seemed to go nowhere. He undid all his good bowling effort with that innings. And got a lot of abuse from me in the process. I have never wanted an Indian wicket to fall so badly. By the time Yuvi, and then Pathan came to the crease, perhaps there was just too much to do.

One thing England need to be commended on is their bowling effort. They picked up on Indian batsmen's weakness with the short ball and exploited it to their full advantage. They were the better team out there today and they won. It is indeed a shame that India did not work on this aspect after their last game.

One thing that kept coming back to me was how everyone seemed to agree that the reason why India won the cup in '07 was because they were fearless. They were extremely confident in themselves and backed each other up to win from improbable situations. That quality seemed missing in this tournament.

Life as an Indian cricket fan is never easy. For me it is more difficult 'coz my next favourite are the eternally choking South Africans. Sigh. It's not looking so good for me....


Q said...

Support the Windies and u should be fine :-) ..

India made too many mistakes tonight starting with opting to field.

Hard luck.

Naked Cricket said...

Windies here. And no, it's not gonna be fine though they should win tomorrow. England will arrive drunk.

Desi Lovah said...


John White said...

How can india play that bad? Suckers

Anonymous said...


Sid said...

i've not been following cricket too seriously off late...but last night i watched while my girl was on phone with me...she was talking to me n i was watching MSD n YP battle it was looking was like when Tom has Jerry cornered and nothing seems to work for the poor mouse...but pls tell me theres hope (like all the other teams losing even badly or being taken back to their home for misonduct or simply being finished by human bombs) there a hope......????

Som said...

For India, this was always waiting to happen. But what really impressed me is how the Poms planned and then put into action with such precision. Their bowling was absolutely top class. Looking forward to Ashes.

Megha said...

Q - I agree. There were lapses everywhere. India was outplayed in every sense :(

Support for the Windies? I don't know yet. Let them beat the English first...

NC - I am not too sure about WI winning against England yet..the only 2 teams they have beaten so far are Australia and India

Desi Lovah - Umm....Okay

Welcome to the blog anyway!

Megha said...

John White - Beats me! Looking at the match now, India just seemed to give up yesterday! I probably would not have minded a closely fought contest with India losing...ok may be i would have

Welcome to the blog...

Anonymous - Pakistan have picked their game up when it mattered the most and are definitley looking good to qualify for the semis..good luck :)

Sid - I'm afraid there isn't any hope for India...and perhaps they don't deserve a place in the semis anyway!

Som - Oh they better do well in the Ashes now! I don't want my entire summer to be ruined!

Anusha said...

Megha, this time I felt, the Indian team burdened themselves with their own expectations.. I remember the last time, Dhoni was smiling a lot more and had a clear mantra - no pressure on my team..this time they had to deal with the burden of their own expectations...

SA should win..they are my team too..but WI are fearless this time..if fearlessness = WC, then my money is on WI.. :-)

Megha said...


We don't like being tagged as favourites, do we..but honestly, some of these so-called "strategies" that were deployed were bizarre to say the least!

Am glad I have some company in supporting SA..I'm feeling better already :)

Tifosi Guy said...

The Ashes are done and dusted. They WILL remain where they ALWAYS should remain. At Jolimont House, in Australia.

This present England team are RIPE for the taking ( oh yeah did I mention they are also TRIPE).

Australia have had two weeks extra smarting from the T20 fiasco. No prizes for guessing how Australia play when they smart from a defeat.

Sure this Australian team is a pale shadow of the previous team, but even this TEAM is enough for the hopeless Poms !

Megha said...

yeeeah....we'll see about that TG...let the games begin...

Tifosi Guy said...


Seriously - you supporting the whingening Poms ??

The Aussies may not be the model of anything, but heck they are a zillion times better than the Poms.

The bloody gall of the Poms to have an open top bus celebration and then MBE's for winning the Ashes. How very sad/pathetic was that.

Warne was right about the MBE's - Must Be Embarassed.

Megha said...

Ha I'm not...I just hope for some good contests...may the better team win!

( guys remember a LOT of stuff about what happened when, who said what...I feel so ignorant!)

Tifosi Guy said...


I remember a LOT of stuff about Australian cricket team . Ask me anything from 1992 and I would reckon I should know it.

And the Warne comment on the MBE came on the third evening of the final test in Sydney 2006. Warne's final test match :-(

It was said to Paul Collingwood ( a useless cricketer if I've seen one), when they had a right royal sledging match.

You can't expect to win a sledging contest with Warne.

His exact sledge was - Colly you got an MBE for your seven runs at the Oval right ? Must be embarassed ;-)

Yeah don't ask me why my head is filled with such stuff !!

Megha said...

That's an interesting story should do an Ashes special such story each day of the Ashes...would be a fantastic read and a perfect start for your blog :)

Pratik said...

Whoa. A gal in the tech industry who is an Indian fan and thinks like me when it comes to cricket, but, unlike me, is actually quite witty! I am in love! With someone I've never seen! Megha, now be a sweetheart and put up a pic as well.

Megha said...

Pratik...thank you for the made my day! :)

btw, for someone who claims to be in love, you still dont have me blogrolled! What is up with that, huh? ;-)

Pyramix said...

Fixed. The traffic you can expect from my site: 0. :-)

Megha said...

Thanks for that. I am happy with the +1 to the site's traffic if you keep coming back to the blog :).

Btw, have a look at this post inspired by your comment!!