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7 Nov 2008

Uh 'oh

Looks like Team India has put itself in a bit of a spot here with some insensible batting. An all-too-familiar late order collapse is not what what , plus the usual generosity of spirit in giving Krezja an astounding debut. Hayden and Ponting are gone, but Hussey and Katich are looking good. So here is what I think should be done. (Another gem from the Department of the Bleeding Obvious coming up. I'll take the award now, thanks)

India need to send the Aussies packing ASAP with some attacking bowling and fielding (Dhoni, are you listening?).
Ideally I would want them to be dismissed by tea. The Indians cannot afford to let them get too close to 441, let alone concede a lead.
And then there is need to bat sensibly and not gift wickets away like in the 1st innings.

Also Rahul Dravid needs to bat down the order, specially if our openers start well. The man is under pressure and I suspect he will try and make one last bid to get some runs against his name and it may turn out to be a snoozefest! While I am on that, Rahul, could you please please please make a few runs in the second innings...with a decent strike rate?


samir said...

Megha, I agree. The Indian second innings could be very dodgy. If the Aussies get close to the Indian total, I suspect India might kill time rather than go for the win.

Jrod said...

Have blog rolled you over at CWB because of Samir's rubber stamp.

Megha said...


Cheers for that. Hope I stay blogrolled because you enjoy the blog, and not just the rubberstamp.