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4 Nov 2008

It is hard to say goodbye...

..which is strange because I never thought myself to be a huge Kumble fan. Of course, the man is a legend. Having more than 950 international wickets is no mean feat. And time and again he has proved that he can hold his own with the bat as well. Two innings come straight to mind when talking of Kumble's batting. One, his maiden Test hundred that came against England at the Oval which helped India pile up a huge score. Two, his innings in the Titan Cup clash against Australia in Bangalore. Sure, he made just 16 runs in a partnership of 52 runs but his role was not any less than Srinath's in pulling off that amazing win.

His commitment to the team needs no proof and he demands no less from his team mates. Enough has been said about his courage, the Antigua test where he bowled with a broken jaw and his last test in Delhi being cases in point. His record as a captain might be average but I feel he contributed a lot more than just leading the side. The dignity with which he handled the Sydney test aftermath is truly commendable, not many are capable of that. And to follow it up with a win in Perth was remarkable. Not only was it at a venue which is historically Australia's stronghold, it came against a team on a roll with 16 straight wins.

Ah, I think I figured out what my problem is. I took the man's presence for granted. And now that he is no longer a part of the team, I am starting to realise his importance. My mistake Anil Sir. Thank you for being a part of Indian Cricket. You will be truly missed.

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nishtha said...

What I think was the best thing about him was that he was like a father. No matter how bad the situation was, you could always look up to him, and he gives you this reassuring smile. You see his rock hard assurance, and you could go off to sleep convinced that everything will be alright...