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13 Nov 2008

India vs England - ODI Preview

After the triumph in BG Trophy, India now looks ahead at a new challenge. Expectations are very high from Dhoni's men and no less than a thumping win would do. England's recent outings have not brought much joy to them which, inspite of what KP says, would have had an effect on the team morale for sure. Compared to that, the Indian team is in a much happy place. They will most definitely miss SRT and Ishant but there are good players in the squad to take their places and hopefully they will step up.

I expect a couple of close contests, but India should be able to sail through easily with a 5-2 win at the very least. The only way England can win the series is if India mess it up either by being complacent or conversely by trying too hard and over-attacking.


Trideep said...

I think it will be a bit closer than 5-2. may be a 4-3 to India.. Both are good teams with vibrant captains.. India do have the edge because of their recent victories.. But England are no pushovers atleast in the ODI's

Megha said...


England might not be pushovers but I think the momentum lies with India. They are more confident as a team and so they should be able to hold the upper edge specially in close contests.

It should be an exciting series :)

Trideep said...

The excitement is already on...

Megha said...

You said it Trideep!

Seems like Yuvi has taken a liking to England in general and Broad in particular. Another love story in the making?

IndiaBol said...

as far as me is concern it should not be other then 5-2.

England team is not so good as India but this ODI and T20 do not show real strength everyday.

Megha said...

Welcome to the blog.

You are right. ODIs and T20s can never compare to Tests. And having one-sided contests on flat pitches like the last 2 matches will not help ODIs cause either.

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Megha said...

Rob, welcome to the blog and thank u for your kind words.

Your site is brilliant..interesting stuff..I have blogrolled you and will email you my site details shortly