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17 Sep 2009

Sehwag @ Cricinfo

Two Words.


Part 1
Part 2


Shailesh said...

Truly awesome stuff...and I love the bit about "Do fielders really matter to me?" and John Wright's cricketing discussions and approach with him!

Anonymous said...

That was an awesome interview. The guy's got charisma doesn't he? Looks like many of us caught this one - Scorpy, you, and I to name a few.

Btw, thanks for blogrolling me. I've added you to my list too. Cheers!

scorpicity said...

Et tu Megha?

Megha said...

Shailesh, I quite liked the bum-hitting threat and the Paul Harris challenge :)

Megha said...


I could just shake my head and laugh out loud as i read the interview...

thanks for linking up!

Megha said...


couldn't help but! :)

Sujith said...

Sehwag is the motherlode of all that's simple in love, war and cricket.

Megha said...

Welcome Sujith

One has to be very confident in one's abilities to pull off stuff like Sehwag did...hats off to him!

Anonymous said...

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