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3 Mar 2009

Attack on Sri Lankans

I have been seething with rage since morning and could bring myself to write only now. I have never ever believed in the argument that terrorists will not attack cricketers.

My thoughts are with all the victims of this cowardly act. Kudos to the Sri Lankans for handling themselves with much grace and dignity.

Update: Despite clear security threats, the Sri Lankans were not even given bullet proof vehicles, neither were they given a clear passage to the stadium by closing off other roads! Basic security measures anyone?!


enkay said...

This shows what kind of security they provide. The best part being them claiming there is no lapse in security. Ofcourse security should be there for any lapse.

The bus drivers judgement to steer away when he saw a terrorist aimimg a rocket launcher really saved the players. Hats off to him and deepest regret for the brave policemen who lost their lives saving the guests.

Naked Cricket said...

megha, could u check pls, the BCC! feed on yr blogroll is very slow. (could remove and then add again)thanks.

Niki said...

what i don't understand is, whenever anything of this kind happens, whether it's the mumbai attack or the attack on players, i just keep listening the same thing all the time by the politicians. 'we condemn this attack', 'we strongly condemn this'. whenever a journalist asks, 'sir, what action have you taken regarding the attack' they reply 'yes yes, we've already condemned the attack!' wow!! really!! that makes everything better.

Megha said...


thanks for your comments and welcome.

It beggars belief that a nation that was so hell bent on proving to the world that it is a safe place(and panning all those who had doubts) would make such basic security mistakes. It sounds almost as if the attack was allowed to happen.

Megha said...


done that but the feed still seems slow. Actually all feeds on my blog are on the slower side for the past few days. Don't know if I am doing something wrong.

Megha said...


welcome back :)

If I had a pound for every time I heard something like that, I could have retired by now!

scorpicity said...

Internally there are doubts on the strong possibility of an insider skunk that let this happen.

And of all the teams in the world they had to pick one of the nicest teams in world cricket... Jeez!

Megha said...

Long time Scorpi!

That is indeed emerging as a very strong (and disturbing) possibility. There are just too many coincidents to believe that this attack could not have been avoided.

sraghuna said...

I share your sense of impotent rage at the prepostorous happenings in 'Black'istan! Most likely, the ISI is complicit with rogue elements in SL(the LTTE)& the local Taliban responsible for this outrage ... these jokers are hell bent on destabilising the entire sub-continent for utterly shallow, dastardly & self serving purposes! The local police completely abandoned the hapless visitors & the perps were shown making making an unhurried getaway without a single cop in pursuit or in the vicinity!

Megha said...


It is time for Pak to take a long hard look at itself. I am pessimistic as to whether even this incident would jolt the nation's leaders into some positive action. They are busy signing "peace deals" with the Taliban!!