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18 Mar 2009

1st Day Review - It Doesn't Get Later Than This

So, 7 minutes to go until Day 2 starts. Here is my tuppence on the first day.

After 60/6 I was pissed off to see NZL score 289 in all. But all in all I think I am ok with it. India are poor starters when it comes to away series. And I would rather take this start see India 6 down for 60-odd before lunchtime. Plus, you know, did you really expect NZL to just give up batting? Vettori is a very handy #8 batsman (he has scored 18 50s and a hundred before this) and Ryder is, well, Ryder. It is good to see a fightback. That is what Test cricket is about isn't it?

Onto far as India's innings is concerned, Sehwag will be Sehwag. If he fires, India will automatically be in a very dominant position becuase of the sheer mometum his innings usually bring. If he doesn't, I would like to think that we have a very capable batting line up. Gambhir has a point to prove. At least I think so. He needs a good series outside the subcontinent. Yuvi needs a solid effort to cement his place in the side. But the man of the moment for me is Rahul Dravid(no surprises here). He has to make sure that he paces his innings well. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that playing a lot of dot balls and then getting out doesn't really benefit the team. So, RD, sweety, lets give me a reason to chear about from you in this series, all right?

Onto the live soon as it starts that is..


Leela said...


RD has been "so far so good". I am liking that his SR is around 50%. Instead like 20%.
Good start!

Anusha said...

50 up for RD! your sweet note worked.. :-)

and yeah i liked his SR too..this knock would do great for RD's self confidence..

Som said...

You know what, I often wondered (that's my primary job I guess) about the Indian bowling's ageless struggle to polish off the tail after they had cleaned up the top and middle order. At times, I visualised it as a python which had swallowed a pig whose tiny tail was still sticking out.

Megha said...

Leela, Anusha

The SR is a big relief! And so is the half century :) i was fast asleep by the time he got out but i hear that the Indian innings actually slowed down once he that has to be a first!!

Onward to the "most catches" record now...

Megha said...


I was wondering (it is an infectious trait!) if this expectation is because our own lower order seems to perish quickly, or at least used to in the past. You know, it happens to you, so you think it is the norm, when in fact it is just a matter of the others being better....what do u think?

Som said...

Now that you forced me into further thinking, I have to reveal my belief that the Indian bowlers probably have a huge an ego problem with the lower order. Once they have mowed the top and middle order, I guess it becomes below their dignity to take lower order wickets and sully their image...perhaps so...what do you think?
I remember at times, India looked like a snake -- all tail, at least that's who I perceive a snake. And at times, it looked like a gorilla, not because of its beauty but lack of a tail.
Even Zak swaggered like a frontline bat in Hamilton. Tail or no tail, things are looking rosy, isn't it?

Megha said...


what is with u and all these animals!! great imagination i must say..

ego problem one wants to be known as the bowler who has only lower order wickets agaisnt their name...