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20 Apr 2009

Symonds + Controversy = Humor?

Controversial Symonds lands in trouble again

OK. I know there is a joke in here somewhere! Can anyone help me figure it out?!


Tifosi guy said...

I can't see what controversial here at all. I'm sorry, Symmo used his own autographed bat, got money, put it somewhere and lost it. So he goofed up big time. But controversial ? Sorry I don't get it one bit

achettup said...

The cricketnext link isn't very clear about what went on because they need hits for issues related to Symonds, this link should make things clearer. Mortgage insurance amounting to $25,000 were waived, and an autographed cricket bat was given to one of the employees of the bank later. So given CWB's close relationship with cricket in Australia, the question is whether the bank gave Symonds preferential treatment and whether the giving the gift was considered part of some little deal.
If you've heard the stories I've heard about mortgage guarantees in the states, this is nothing, its not like Symonds is a subprime borrower. But irresponsible bankers have played a huge role in putting the global economy in the position we're in because of such casual approaches. I think in this case it is being hyped because Symonds was involved in what looks like a shady deal and because of the current economic situation. But the fault is with the bank from what I gather.

Super Blogroll said...

Have included your blog in the new Blogroll for cricket blogs do check it out ..Cheers :-)

Megha said...

Tifosi Guy

Like Achettup said, the question is did Symonds use the autographed bat as a "personal gift" to get that rebate? Coz that sounds like a bribe to me.

As for Symonds being a subprime borrower...well i am not a finance person so correct me if i am wrong. But doesn't subprime borrowing mean lending someone more than what they are capable of paying back? I don't know what Symonds' finances are like but he could be one too, couldn't he?

Megha said...

Thanks Superblogroll and welcome :)

I can't access the site at the moment, so will check it out later...

Tifosi guy said...

If it's a case of giving an autographed bat in exchange to waive off what ? $25,000? then whole issue is a joke !

When you consider Symonds lost a million dollars in the failed company he invested in, then unless there is more to it, I just think because it's Symonds it's controversial.

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