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2 Feb 2009

Ind vs SL :: 3rd ODI

I am worried about India playing 4 specialist bowlers and the part timers being taken for runs this time.
I am worried about Yuvi falling to Mendis or Murali in an awful manner.
I am worried about the law of averages catching up with all Indian players in golden touch.
I am worried about Sachin getting another harsh decision from the umpires.
I am worried about Jayasuriya, the man who refuses to age, hitting Indian bowlers all over the park.

On the other hand,
I look forward to India winning the match and equalling its own record of successive wins.
I look forward to wrapping up the series tommorow itself.
I kinda also look forward to Murali getting the 2 wickets he needs to set a world record as long as it does not mess with the points above :).

And then,
It would be good to see Balaji in action later in the series and give Zak/Ishant some rest.
It would be fantastic to go on and win the series 5-0!! Ah, the dreams and high hopes!!

On an entirely separate note, I have decided that, since Rahul Dravid is not playing ODIs and T20s any more, I am transferring my affections to Dhoni for these formats.


Leela said...

And I am worried about this statement by Gary:

"The most pleasing aspect about this team is that we can play at 60% of our ability and still win matches."

Hope it does not backfire.

On a different note..
Hooray another Dhoni Fangirl!

Megha said...

Yeah Leela, doesn't sound like something I would attribute Kirsten to. But it is true in a way isnt it? Sehwag and Tendulkar have hardly been there. The bowling has been scratchy at times. Even the fielding has left something to be desired. Yet we won.

As for Dhoni, I always felt an attraction, a special only acknowledging it now :D

Maithreyi said...

Yay another Dhoni fan! World domination, here we come.

Worry, worry, worry. Hrm, yes. When we are not playing well, I worry. When we ARE playing well I worry about how long this is going to last, and how much fate will throw the shit we dish out back on us in the future. Ah, the paranoia. Part of the experience, I guess.

Well, it IS Kirsten who said before The Chennai Win that "this is a team that can do anything" when everybody else, including yours truly, had written the team off in that match, so the man must know what he's talking about. Plus, he doesn't seem like a man given to excess, and that quiet confidence that oozes out of every pore of this team is intoxicating. :)

Megha said...

Oh yes, the worrying part goes with the territory. As an Indian Cricket fan I have been trained in cautious optimism. I was so damn sure that 2007 WC would see a stunning performance from India and look what happened.

Anyway, a couple of my worries for today did turn into reality and a few didn't. India should win the game comfortably, though.

Oh, welcome to the blog :)

Anusha said...

A Cricket match, like life itself, offers a lot to ponder about. :-)

It was heartening to see Yuvi tackling Mendis and MM intelligently, if not aggressively. Sehwag was sublime and Sachin, unfortunate the third time..Sachin's tryst with lbws is looking similar to his tryst with 90s syndrome in 2007. He is in great form, me thinks, without that small bit of luck going his way..

I love Dhoni. There is something about him that clicks..The best thing is, there is a certain synergy in the team..This is a different era! I hope this charm gets us the WC in a couple of years...

Yup! I would settle for a 5-0 scoreline for now..Dil maange more.. :-)

Sach is life!!

(I am elated to see your blog! This rocks!! You are on my blog roll..)

Megha said...


A warm welcome into my cricket-obssessed life and thanku for the appreciation

Your comparison of cricket with life is absolutely dead-on...perhaps a major reason I love this game so much.

Dhoni has really brought the team is great to see him backing up his he respects the seniors in the team (remember his gesture to Ganguly in his last test match?) and how he speaks from the heart mincing of words, no is very refreshing. My hopes are up too..though as usual I also remain cautious..doodh ka jala and all that :)

It will be a fitting start to the year if the team wins for the 9th time today and sets a new national record..and looking much further ahead, the WC would of course be a welcome addition :)

hope to see you here and at thesillypoints often...

Jaunty Quicksand said...

Ah...the Dhoni brigade is further strengthened. Yes, that man has something about him. I have been admiring him ever since he slammed that 183 in a run chase in an ODI long ago. A clinical finisher and an efficient keeper, his captaincy has exceeded all of my expectations.

What a leader! And I will say this even when things are not going all so well for him.

Megha said...


Welcome to the blog :)

That is an important point. Remaining loyal when things are not going too well. After all Ponting did not seem to put a foot wrong when he started. And look what is happening now. A few losses and everyone is baying for his blood. (There are a few factors to this downfall, but you get the drift..)

Most people say that Dhoni is an incredibly lucky captain. He wins tosses that matter and makes decisions that look like masterstrokes by the end of the game. But I strongly believe that fortune favours the brave and that is what is reflected in his record. The "Captain MSD" trailer looks great. Hoping the full movie does not dissappoint :) Looking forward to the NZ series.