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23 Jan 2009

You Will Not Be Missed

Angry at Sehwag's statements (apparently) Guru Greg has decided to call it quits.

"I am not interested in India. Not interested in Indian cricket."

Good riddance I say.

Bye Bye Chappell. Thank you for nothing.


Leela said...

I dunno.. I am begining to feel bad for the old man now... :-(

Megha said...


Explain yourself girl!!

Leela said...

I know he did all crazy stuff back in India, magar I feel like its over we can all move on now. I do believe he meant well when he was in India.. just did not do the implementation properly.

Ottayan said...


"Thanks for nothing" - I am with you.

straight point said...

oz...beware! he can take his job of head of coach there seriously...

Megha said...


I see your point. But the thing is that, to me, it seemed like he went about the whole going to the media thing in a very reckless/vindictive manner. Like Sehwag said, it was a breach of confidence. I am no fan of Shoaib Akhtar but I still don't condone the fact that Shoaib Malik spoke against him so openly.

Megha said...


I can never forgive him for messing with Irfan Pathan.

Megha said...


Given their penchant for talking too bloody much, be it on the radio, television or via books, I think it might be a good idea actually. It's like they are made for each other :)

Som said...

Guru Greg didn't realise that he wasn't interested in India even then. The realisation dawned a good three years late. Anyway, better late than never. For me, I've seen an Australian tubelight.

Leela said...

Agree with whatever everyone is saying..but I just feel bad remembering that the old man was slapped by some random guy.
Feeling a bit senti thatz all.

©hinaman said...

@ megha,
the interview tells us why Team India is on such a high at the moment. More importantly why the team had died under Chappell.

He did not come to 'coach' India, he had come to 'sell' His way, the Chappell Way. To be able to do so he had to grab all the power for himself; he simply divided and destroyed the team.

Before him our team was losing the finals, under him we did not even reach the finals, he proved beyond any reasonable doubt, he is a worthless coach.

I took a lot of flak at that time for voicing concerns of his methods, this interview confirms many issues I had raised. I hope more players come up with more on this idiot.

I would love to know if his persistent "leaks" from the dressing room could have in any way also been to bookies, for the way he 'experimented' the team selection / batting order created the ideal scenario for maximising the chances of 'microfixing'.

Anonymous said...

yeah right, we dont need him anyway - c(ockr)oach of any state side or franchisee in India....

perhaps this thing he didnt see in the media coming up!!

Megha said...

Guys, I have to say that initially, in the euphoria of a few good wins, I thought that Chappell was doing a great job. There was just this one person who told me that he was majorly sceptical about GC and his ways and I dismissed him as a pessimist. I see Chinaman, that you had your concerns as well. I stood corrected a few weeks later. And I too hope that this is the last we see of him.

And Leela, I am sure that GC will be glad to know that at least someone is feeling bad for him :)

straight point said...

on the contrary megha...the type of person GC was one can only feel 'bad' for him...not am too with leela... ;-)

Jrod said...

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